Friday, March 21, 2008

Chinese Art

This year, the Chinese have outdone themselves again. I first noticed Zang Xio Gang work at Asia Society in '93, his work was going for 90k. This week at the opening of the Asia Contemporary Art show, his work are fetching from 1M- l.5 M..along with my other favorite artist, Yu Minjun...well deserved!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Top 5 Restaurants

I have been traveling since age 21...and I always enjoy eating local food.

I've had loads of delightful meals.

There are always meals that are memorable, and I wish they were not always a flight away. Here are my five favorite restaurants from the 43 countries I have traveled to:

Chez Omar- Paris (he is the owner, serves great Moroccan food, amazing succulent lamb shank)

Harmonique- Bangkok, Thailand. A traditional home restaurant, near the river, owned by three sisters. (My favorite dish is striped bass steamed with chili and lime juice…fresh, delicious)

IL Hausen- Alsace, France (Delectable cuisine, chic ambiance, detailed service and great wine--open kitchen with fresh seasonal vegetable and local cheese with wine)

Banana Leaf - On my recent trip to Burma, I stopped by Singapore (Fun, abundance, flavorful sweet and savory Indian dishes served on fresh pieces of banana leaf)

Zen- Hong Kong (hip, cutting edge- I love the drunken prawns, live shrimp dancing in wine and served right away on your table)