Friday, March 20, 2009

Testimonial: Marla's Wedding

After planning with the bride and groom for a year, last week we catered the winter wedding of their dreams. It's very rewarding to receive nice note such as this upon returning to the office in the morning.

Dear Leili and the crew:
Thank you so much for your work at the wedding this weekend. Your food was exquisite and tasted fantastic. I had so many positive comments about the food from guests. I am so sorry I wasn't able to get a moment to thank you in person-- its my one regret of the
evening. Please let me know if there are any specific wedding websites or magazines for which I can write a (very positive) review or testimonial for Saffron 59, this went well beyond my expectations and I would love to help spread the word.

I am fairly certain Dante, our photographer has photos of the appetizers and main course if you would be interested in these.
Many many thanks,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Recipe: Stone Crabs

There is now abundance of these stone crabs in New York City, no need to fly to California or Florida. Simply steam them for seven minutes and make a nice dipping sauce with a touch of salt, chopped red birds eye chiles minced with a squeeze of lime juice, mix in a few tablespoons of water and Nuoc Mam (fish sauce). If you have sprigs of cilantro handy chop them in. 

How to check if they are fresh? Simply turn the crabs upside down and check for freshness by their movements and no tiny bubbles being blown out from their head. After purchasing, keep in brown bags away and hold in fridge until ready for steaming. Yum!