Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weddings: Global Cuisine

With everyone in the world connecting and interacting with each other, it is only natural that our cuisines do too. Asian food is still a huge trend and global cuisine is in high demand - resulting in healthier, flavorful food with different textures; as seen with food trucks in major cities.  Being that we have such a diverse and international kitchen crew, many clients get a taste of our global menus.   

At a recent gala, we showcased the event with a tempting menu with cuisine from around the world.  Dishes like Ethiopian Doro Wat Chicken with Berbere curry, Salad with slivers of Lotus root, Braised Pork Belly with baked Arepas and many more were served; along with Dhoonya Dancers and live performances by the legendary Aaron Neville.

Save The Children Gala with Burmese Chicken Curry and Amok (Cambodian baked Fish with Galangal)
Ethiopian Doro Wat Chicken with Berbere Spice