Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Travel: Chile: From Deserts to the Roaring Seas

Mont Gras Winery
Mont Gras Winery
After learning that they were planning on building 5 dams in the southern part of Chile;  this winter, we traveled to the country that has the driest desert in the world as well as dramatic fjords and serene channels.  Chile, is a country with an endless bounty of colorful citrus fruits and fresh vegetables. We went through enchanted forest like those of Bavaria to crystal clear blue lakes.

We landed in the capital Santiago, and our friend Jose picked us up to his beach condo in Viña del Mar (vineyard by the sea). There, we spent most of our time in one of the most fun city in Chile, unique in all of Latin America, Valparaíso.

From the flat city center riding up an incline elevator takes you to a to a very different city above.  Filled with tiny stores, talented artisans and quaint cafes.  We could not take enough pictures of this city. No wonder it is named the Top 10 cities for artistic inspiration.