Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Recipe: Stonington, Connecticut: Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen, Part 1

I rented a summer home this July with my family in Stonington, CT. We have my cousin Ron, my sister-in-law Yin and my parents' housekeeper from Shanghai; all happen to be great cooks.

A purveyor from New York City had given me half of a goat which had inspired me to make something with a nice blend of spice rub. Since this half goat totals about 18 lbs of meat we decided to create a variety of meals from it using different cuts.
Cooking plans:
For the meatier part: kabob with the outdoor grill - dried spice rub with Hungarian paprika, garam masala, coriander seeds and cumin; Malaysian curry.
For the shin part of the leg: slow cook with lots of slivers of ginger, garlic, sweet onion, white wine and the Karma spice I acquired during my recent trip to Penang. We let it slow cook and made it into a stew, keeping it a few days in the fridge for easy warm up at dinner upon returning from a day's outing.