Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Cookout: City slickers at Paisley Farm, Rhinebeck,NY

Summer barbeque time.
Working with Mike and Jan Kokas at Upstate Farm (PaisleyFarm).
A beautiful weekend of planting soy beans and string beans, picking the ever blooming Zinnias along with 20 other city slickers with a full day of roasting 85Lb of pig.

Some of us in the kitchen prepared freshly picked vegetable and created Burmese okra with dried shrimp, roast corn just picked from the farm, baby eggplant and squashes with mixed herbs.

My friend Jade made side dishes to complement the roast pork, cucumber with ginger, bitter melon with slivers of lotus and amazing cheese cakes with summer berries...Joyce made cherry clafoutis and Chazz with her childhood recipe of chocolate coffee cake to end the feast.