Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celebration: Seven-Course Dinner at MOCA NY

Here are some of the behind the scene pictures for the $888 plate dinner for Museum of Chinese in America in New  York this past Monday.

Irene K. Wong with Pichet Ong
Hey one of guests of honor is Ang Lee!
Chefs talk before event starts


Seared Chicken with Sesame and Jumbo Prawns in a taro basket
(with caramelized walnuts and snow peas)  
Grilled Aged Rib Eye Steak - charred - topped with parsley garlic  pesto  

Shanghai Baby Bok Choy with  Xiao Sing Rice Wine and  How See -Dried Oyster
(large Chinese mushroom)

Maine Lobster Laced with Ginger and Scallions 
(bedded with Fun See -glass noodle)

Steamed Stripe bass with sesame oil and Enoki Mushroom  
(  wilted spring onion)

E-Fu Noodles with Black Mushroom burnt yellow chive  
(Longevity egg noodle with Choy Sum vegetable)

Double Happiness Fried Rice with baby corn and English peas
(with Shallot Crisp)