Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Behind the Scene: Wedding Planning 101

Planning your wedding should be fun and intimate with your loved ones and should not be breaking your bank.  Here are some of the suggestions from 12 years of wedding planning I have been producing.

Approximately fifty percent of total budget should go to reception and the rest for flowers, photo/video, and entertainment/music. Compile all your notes, images and ideas from magazines cut outs that you want to discuss with your vendors. You should be able to be hands to hands with the vendors from the day you book with them till the day of your wedding.  During this process, your caterer and planner should be your most-trusted experts (friends), they will assist you in making thorough lists of crucial priorities. 
Drop dead red, Peacock blue, Imperial gold are colors of this year!
Simple and elegant table top accent with red
Your wedding décor can be gorgeous and festive without putting a dent in your pocket. By choosing the right color scheme, as cotton linen comes in different colors; so why not make it festive and save money instead of large floral arrangements?

When considering style of service whether buffet or plated, both will cost equally since you will still need some number of staff to man the buffet station and guests come back for more tastings. Why not consider a few tastings stations using smaller plates?

Weather is very unpredictable, you should listen to Mother Nature especially if you plan to do out door wedding. However, if you are considering less costly, planning a winter white wedding can save you 20 percent. When planning to set up, it will put you at ease to make sure there is ample time to get to the venue. For larger wedding, we recommend setting up the day before.

There seems to be little time and so much to do, so delegating your close friends or family members is best option. They should attend every meetings so they are familiar with the wedding. Remember, let everyone work for you! It’s your wedding day. Wedding cake may tumble, your maid of honor missed her flight, you are simply going to have a good time.