Friday, February 27, 2009

Bravo Auguste!

Photos: Peter Cuce

I was at a fashion show at Asia Society last week and discovered this young talented Indonesian designer, Auguste Soesastro. Mr. Soesastro debuted his first Kraton collection with the influences from his heritage, arts and culture of Indonesia. 

Kraton specializes in high-end luxury fabric with a classic cut. The superb tailoring techniques and the uniqueness of incorporating Eastern and Western influences, using batik (hand dyed) fabric with light wool textile.
Gazing at the runway gave me such fond memories of the time I spent in Indonesia while I was living in Asia for four years. Incredible, amazing artisans this country offer such as Mr. Soesastro, he was born in Jakarta, to Dutch Indonesian parents.

He spent a few years in Paris and studied fashion, interned at some of the major haute couture houses and moved to New York to work for Ralph Rucci, an American couturier. This talented designer is definitely someone to keep an eye on.