Friday, February 13, 2009

Paprika Adds Spice to Your Life: Hungarian Oxtail Stew

Colorful, delicious, flavorful spices that add zests to your life! 

Paprika, is one that has a wonderful flavor to create a marinade for a nice piece of meat, fish or in dressings. 

Recently my Hungarian sweetheart and I had 16 of my loved ones over and cooked up a huge pot of his native oxtail stew with celeric root, turnip, carrots, onion, celery and few chunks of savoy cabbage.

Simple brown the oxtail and add in the vegetable with a few tablespoons of red colorful Hungarian paprika and one spoon of spicy hot paprika.

Let it cook for two hour and half in simmer while you are surfing in Facebook or cleaning those picture files that have been slowing your computer.

This makes a delicious meal accompanied with some egg noodles. With this cold winter weather, open an inexpensive full bodied Burgundy or Rioja.

Enjoy and cozy up with your favorite friends.

From Budapest, mama Talloczy 's stuffed pepper recipe