Friday, April 1, 2011

Cooking Workshop Party

Hosting a Cooking Party is one unique way that can spice up special celebrations.  Instead of seated dinner or cocktails, you and your guests can casually prepare fun, fabulous meals and enjoy the party; it will also bring more closeness between friends and strengthen bonds and team efforts amongst colleagues in a more informal way. 

Depending on the guest count and theme, food can be from specific regions or distinctive cooking style; your party can be a demonstration style or the 'hands-on' that require guests participation. Whether small intimate group of bridal shower with light hors d'oeuvres or birthday party learning to prepare nice juicy rib eye steak with Korean red bean marinate to tasting great Rhone wines.  

It is important to plan ahead the ingredients and the cooking utensils. Don’t forget to clear clutter in your kitchen for an adequate space for everyone to prep; and assemble your finished dishes.
I like having a Polaroid camera that prints instantly the capture the moments ..

Double Espresso Chocolate Mousse with logo
JWT Office Cooking Party
Grilled Steak Argentinian Style with Chimicurri Sauce
testing the rare Steak