Friday, April 29, 2011

How To: Preserving Wedding Photos

This post is for all of you, the newlyweds.
Over the past years I have received so many of your compliments for the weddings we have worked on along with the memorable wedding pictures that now reminds me how we all can preserve the collections in various ways.

Here in our studio  at Saffron59,  my parents and their siblings pictures in black and white of their travels and weddings. I treasure  them immensely  as its hung by the dinning room and classic to have these pictures showing the contrast from the modern ones.

Recently with my new apartment, I like to have something new and something old.  Alexa worked on my long narrow hallway wall with collage.  She scanned and archived these old pictures and touch up with Photo Shop...which has enable for me to have a wall full of these memorable pictures of our us growing up in Burma in black and white....and a colorful collage wall with my nieces and nephews....

Alexa in our studio, touch up with photo shop
  Irene's Aunty Jen's wedding
  Irene's Mom